I thank you for all your attention and especially for the time you spent to clarify my doubts and convince me of the product you were offering me. In one week we got the help we needed for improvements and inventories for our store. I hope that we can continue doing business and above all that the Latino community can receive the help that many times in our country we can not reach.

Fortis Rivera Inc.

Dear Sonia: I would like to express my sincere thanks for all your support and efforts throughout this loan process for my business. For me it was a very good experience and a pleasure to do business with you. You were always very diligent, kind and very professional in all its execution, so I would not hesitate to count on your services in the future again. I am very happy to know that a convention will be taking place in P.R., where you will participate and this will allow the clients to know about the programs and their excellent work. Thank you very much and I wish you every success.

T Ruiz Dueño

We hereby inform you that the company Latin Financial was very diligent in our application for the Medina Levittown Pharmacy. The processing of the loan was quick and with a comfortable payment plan for the pharmacy.


We will continue to use Latin Cash Capital in the future and have recommended it to other pharmacies.

Farmacia Medina Levittown -- Emilia Medina Maysonet